we want a series of posts for a client that seeks attendance, engagement, intrigue.
while yes, we can always give information through text, we want something that our audience will align with through experience, emotion...feel.

our sample client: Black Matter Training (BMT)
audience: Central Florida runners of all speeds seeking community through sweat needing a call to action (CTA), in order to connect.  Typically runners (M&F) between 30-40y/o with a regular income and stability in schedule.  Ideally from DT Orlando, Winter Park, Lake Nona, Dr. Phillips areas.  Ranges from beginner to elite runners, where this is their main form of exercise/competition in sport.  
objectives: 1) brand awareness 2) attendance of 'Blok' community run program for OUC half marathon 3) long-term clientele 
unique value proposition: historically inclusive of all runners joining the sport, BMT has claimed its position as a proven coaching platform for anyone looking to improve their running and race capabilities.  BMT is also held as an ambassador for run culture in Central Florida among the community.

channels/methods: emailed newsletters, instagram posts/stories/reels/boosted, facebook paid ads (meta business suite)
themes/content: community, team, "bigger scene", "skulls out", Eventbrite link for attendance
timeline/scheduling: 3 months, leading up to OUC half marathon + 5k (start September - end November)
budgeting: $300 total, $150 IG reel boost (September, 11.3k - 33k accounts reach, 390 - 1.4k link clicks), $150 Facebook + IG post boost (October, 1.9k - 5.6k accounts reach)
budgeting: month 1 & 2 will be focus of project.  month 3 will be used for established audience, newly acquired eyes, and will provide exclusivity for those who signed up early.
metrics/KPI's: YOY views/engagement from last OUC build, Eventbrite sign-ups, click-through rate, overall feedback from community 
reporting/communication: weekly check-ins, usually in the form of a 10-minute call, gives room to make changes on the fly.  end of 3-month campaign will have a overall recap with compared data sets.
$145 budgeted to reel boost

teaser, leaves room for curiosity

ideally would include multiple subjects (see examples below) in frame to show community, team, "high fives"/"welcoming space"

post captioning could feel like: "we're getting ready to crush the OUC Half together.  want in?  join the crew, the skulls are coming."

includes link to Eventbrite for early signups
$150 budgeted to paid ad shared across FB & IG

this is where we showcase the training, the team sweat, the work going in together as a team

including both images of organized team workouts and informative text on where to meet up for newcomers

also includes Eventbrite link for signups, "want to share miles and get faster doing it?  only a couple weeks left to join the crew for the OUC Half Marathon buildup."
the final stretch.

this is where we show off the team in race pace.
thanks to our previous efforts + pushes, we have an engaged audience.
no direct paid budget for these posts, we're talking directly to those in the loop who came along.
now it's time to show those who were on the fence why they should have joined in on the fun.

showcasing race day shots, what we're looking forward to, and what to expect in the future.
"it's time to toe the line, race day is coming fast."
"didn't catch us this Blok?  we're rolling another one come spring time.  come join the skulls."

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